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We are first and foremost collectors of Ferrari related items. We spacialize in publications and 1/18 die cast models. In order to fill holes in our collections, we frequently buy large lots that include items that are extras or duplicates in our collection. These extras and duplicates you will find here for sale. Occasionally, if the price is right, we will even sell items from the collection itself.

We have become one of the Internet's largest providers of rare out of print books, magazines and other publications. We carry a large selection of obscure rarities the likes of which you will find nowere else.

Our prices are based on general market value. Cavallino back-issue prices, for example, are based on the publisher's pricing structure and considerably discounted. Other magazines are priced similarly when back issue prices are published. Other times we try to match market demand. We will frequently discount our prices for multiple purchases as well as offer discounts to our returning customers. We do not mark-up postage charges and usually charge a minimal handling fee.

We are interested in purchasing entire collections. We generally buy "lots" as opposed to single items. If you, or someone you know, is planning on getting rid of their collection, please contact us.