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We carry a variety of vintage, out of print books on Ferrari. If you are looking for a book that we do not have in stock, we will gladly help you locate a copy. Browse through our selection below to find books by famous Ferrari authors such as Batchelor, Bishop, Bluemel, Eaton, Fitzgerald, Froissart, Goodfellow, Laban, Massini, Merritt, Miska, Nye, Prunet, Rancati, Rogliatti, Starkey, Tanner, Webb and many more.

All products, unless otherwise noted, are previously owned and will therefore show age and wear; some may have minor damage. All items are priced accordingly. Be sure to view the product details for additional information.


360 Modena by Automobilia (zb178)
SKU: zb178
360 Modena by Automobilia The Ferrari 360 is the most sophisticated 8-CylinderGT to usher in the third millenium. This book describes all it's technical and functional details and also includes a study by Lorenzo Ramaciottion the genesis of the body designand the driving impressions of Paul Frere.
$90.00 (Approx: €87.30)
50 years of Ferrari (zb148)
SKU: zb148
"Through captions which result from rigorous historical research matched with a photographic and illustrative support of tremendous impact, much previously unpublished, the reader will be able to relive the salient moments of the story and success of the prestigious house of the Prancing Horse."
$18.00 (Approx: €17.46)
A Guide to Ferrari cars 1960-1995 (sx233)
SKU: sx233
Issued by U.K. Ferrari importer, Maranello Concessionaries, this 38 page soft cover book depicts Ferrari cars produced from 1960 to 1995. Includes production statistics, including UK RHD import numbers.
$45.00 (Approx: €43.65)
California Ferraris (zb077)
SKU: zb077
300 Full color photographs. 85 Road and racing Ferraris since 1947.
$50.00 (Approx: €48.50)
Car & Driver on Ferrari 1955-1962 (zb051)
SKU: zb051
Car & Driver on Ferrari 1955-1962
$20.00 (Approx: €19.40)
Car & Driver on Ferrari 1963-1975 (zb052)
SKU: zb052
Car & Driver on Ferrari 1963-1975
$20.00 (Approx: €19.40)
Cavalleria N. 3 - Ferrari 500 F2 (zb203)
SKU: zb203
Volume 3 of this 16 volume compilation. A beautiful colour portrait of the Ferrari 500 F2 of 1952 in this prestigious 16 book series by Cavalleria. Includes a complete chapter on technical specifications.
$225.00 (Approx: €218.25)
Cavalleria N.14 - Ferrari 250 GTO (zb214)
SKU: zb214
Volume 14 of this 16 volume compilation. A beautiful colour portrait of the Ferrari 250 GTO in this prestigious 16 book series by Cavalleria. Includes a complete chapter on technical specifications.
$240.00 (Approx: €232.80)
Cavalleria N.15 - Ferrari 250 LM (zb215)
SKU: zb215
Volume 15 of this 16 volume compilation. A beautiful colour portrait of the Ferrari 250 LM in this prestigious 16 book series by Cavalleria. Includes a complete chapter on technical specifications.
$450.00 (Approx: €436.50)
Cavallino Rampante (zb378)
SKU: zb378
How Ferrari Mastered Modern Day Formula 1 - Granted a priviledged insider's view of one of the greatest sporting teams of all time, Nick Grton tells the story of the rebuilding of Scuderia Ferrari from charismatic underachiever to all-conquering superpower that ultimately led to Schumacher's 6th Driver's title in 2003.
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Classic Ferrari (zb017a)
SKU: zb017a
Classic Ferrari - With foreword by Niki Lauda
  • Early ambition
  • Scuderia Ferrari
  • The quest for success
  • The four-cylinder 500
  • World champions
  • The modulo
  • The 512S and M
  • Last of the supercars
  • Revival of the GTO
  • More...
$11.00 (Approx: €10.67)
Collecting Ferrari (zb405)
SKU: zb405
This book collects Sports Car Market's best articles and auction reports covering the Ferrari Marque, including many articles by renowned Ferrari expertsMike Sheehan, John Apen and Steve Ahlgrim.
$27.00 (Approx: €26.19)
Dino - The little Ferrari (zb095)
SKU: zb095
This history of Dino contains approximately 250 B&W photos, 8 pages of color photos, heavily detailed appendices, 19 special "highlighted" paragraphs giving background details on drivers and championships in its 14 chapters, plus a wealth of international road test material from the best accredited sources.
$50.00 (Approx: €48.50)
Enciclopedia Ferrari (zb111)
SKU: zb111
Very rare complete unbound collection of the original inserts of STARTER's 15 inserts compiling this fact filled Ferrari encyclopedia. As with all 2nd hand books, some minor shelf wear may be visible.
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Enzo Ferrari - The Man, the Cars, the Races (zb183)
SKU: zb183
…Here then is the life of a man who dominated his field more than anyone in our century. A man who was, truly, larger than life.
$55.00 (Approx: €53.35)
Enzo Ferrari, 50 Years of Motoring (zb015)
SKU: zb015
Enzo Ferrari, 50 Years of Motoring
$30.00 (Approx: €29.10)
Fantastic Ferraris (zb002)
SKU: zb002
Fantastic Ferraris is a unique book on Ferraris, as distinct from other Ferrari books as Ferrari is distinct from other cars. This book is the dream of author Antoine Prunet and photographer Peter Vann - a gallery of the most fantastic Ferraris ever assembled, unique cars among the distinct Ferrari marque, collected from around the world.
$35.00 (Approx: €33.95)
Fantastico Ferrari (zb331)
SKU: zb331
Fantastico Ferrari - Humorous compilation of Ferrari vignettes with appropriate captions.
$25.00 (Approx: €24.25)
Ferrari (zb017)
SKU: zb017
Ferrari by Godfrey Eaton, with foreword by Niki Lauda.

In this book, tha author pays tribute to the undoubted entrepreneurial skills of the legendary Enzo Ferrariwho has over the years thrilled racing enthusiasts worldwide with the fabulous creations tha bear his name.
$11.00 (Approx: €10.67)
Ferrari (zb066)
SKU: zb066
Good introductory book with a general overview of the Ferrari marque and packed with color photos.
$9.00 (Approx: €8.73)
Ferrari (zb089)
SKU: zb089
Filled with stunning color photos, history details and much more on the history of Ferrari.
$45.00 (Approx: €43.65)
Ferrari (zb089)(dmg)
SKU: zb089-dmg
Reader copy. Not a collectable: Damaged dust-jacket. Book in good condition. Perfect for reading.
Filled with stunning color photos, history details and much more on the history of Ferrari.
$22.50 (Approx: €21.83)
Est mkt value: $45.00 , save 50%
Ferrari (zb170)
SKU: zb170
Fifty years of Ferrari's most fantastic road cars, from the 166 MM Barchetta to the F50 supercars.
  • The Early Years, Race Cars & Road Cars
  • Carrozzeria, Ferrari and the Italian Ateliers
  • Grand Touring, The Elegant Ferrari
  • Ferraris for All Seasons, The Great Road Cars
  • Contemporary Ferraris, Road Cars of the 1980s and 1990s
$10.00 (Approx: €9.70)
Ferrari (zb323)
SKU: zb323
Ideal as a gift to a young Ferrari enthusiast. Filled with over 100 color photos of road cars, racing cars and prototypes. A nice compilation with a general but simple overview of the marque.
$10.00 (Approx: €9.70)
Ferrari (zb349)
SKU: zb349
This beautifully illustrated book highlights dozens of classic Ferraris from every era in full color, from the 125 of 1947 to the latest 612 and F430.
$10.00 (Approx: €9.70)
Ferrari (zb391)
SKU: zb391
An informative, readable text and magnificent photographs by Nicky Wright tell the fascinating story of this most illustrious of the world's great marques.
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Ferrari - A Memory (zb118)
SKU: zb118
Enzo Ferrari is without doubt motoring's most illustrious man. Henry Ford built cars for the masses, but Ferrari created limited-production machines for the select. Sport and street cars that have led the world in beauty, mechanics and artistry.

But Who is Enzo Ferrari? Like his cars, he is known only to a select few. He is a mystery.

Ferrari's longtime friend, journalist Gino Rancati, finally casts light on the man who was Ferrari.
$22.50 (Approx: €21.83)
Ferrari - Ballantine's illustrated history (zb099)
SKU: zb099
Very nice book containing superbly detailed information and photographs. Book shows age and heavy shelf wear on the cover.
$8.50 (Approx: €8.25)
Ferrari - Great Marques Poster Book (zb402)
SKU: zb402
There can be few cars more photogenic than a Ferrari. This poster book includes many of the best-nown classics. Each illustration has a technical and development history on the reverse.
Included are:
Ferrari 206 GT
Ferrari 250 GT
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 196 SP
Ferrari 500 Superfast
Ferrari 512M
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
Ferrari 275 GTB/4
Ferrari 206S
Ferrari 312 PB
Ferrari 512 BB
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Ferrari 250 GTS California
Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
Ferrari 196SP, and
Ferrari 250 LM
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Ferrari - The Gran Turismo & Competition Berlinettas, 1st Ed (zb096)
SKU: zb096
This classic automotive history covers the 250 GTO Series I, 250 GTO Series II,250 Pseudo GTOs, 250 LM, 330 LMB, 330 P2/3/4, 312 P, 512 S & 512 M, 275 GTB, 275 GTB/4 & GTB/C, 365 GTB/4, 365 GT4/BB, and Specification Charts. As with all 2nd hand books, some shelf wear may be visible.
$50.00 (Approx: €48.50)