Jay Koka

Jay Koka
Art by Jay Koka

A well known and internationally respected artist, Jay Koka's work is ever-changing in color, texture and composition.
Reflective of a man who is constantly searching and continuously evolving his work. Skillful manipulation of color and mood,
plus considered composition and an occasionally impressionist style, are the hallmarks of the artist who is never satisfied
with the status quo and always brings a true element of surprise to the viewer at each new exhibition.

Note: All lithographs and serigraphs have been stored flat since we purchased them.


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Ernst & Young, at Meadow Brook 1997 - August 3, 1997 - Ltd Ed (?~1,000)(koka08)
SKU: koka08
Ferrari 335 Sport

Jay Koka was commissioned to produce an original painting and a limited edition poster to commemorate Ernst&Young's participation in the 1997 Concours event. A very high quality signed poster, about 25x33" with minimal text.

Our price: $250.00 (Approx: €225.00)
Ferrari Lithograph by Jay Koka “250LM” (koka03)
SKU: koka03
Signed Ltd. Ed n. #15/149

The pavement markings and open doorway lead you to the car and the center of the painting in this 1990 release 'Ferrari 250LM'. Colors composition and textures dominate. Ferrari 250LM was released in an edition of 149 S/N and remarqued* 15 Artist proofs.

Our price: $275.00 (Approx: €247.50)
Ferrari Lithograph by Jay Koka “Lusso” (koka02)
SKU: koka02
Signed Ltd. Ed n. #78/149

Some say it's the most beautiful Ferrari ever made, the Lusso was released in 1989 in an edition of 149 S/N and 15 Artist Proofs . Offset lithographed on acid-free paper, the print is 22x32 inches overall.

Our price: $750.00 (Approx: €675.00)
Ferrari Lithograph by Jay Koka “Seasons” (koka06)
SKU: koka06
Signed Ltd. Ed n. 3/25

"SEASONS" is the second release in the Studio Series with a release date of November 1,1998. A large format screenprint, it is printed on 280gr Coventry Smooth 100% rag paper and is based on the award winning painting "Seasons" by Jay Koka. It presents a uniquely personal, and fluidly impressionist look at the Ferrari P2/3. "Seasons", the original, was debuted at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in the summer of 1998 where it earned the Stanley Wanlass Award for Excellence in Design and Composition. The Seasons original painting was on loan by the owner for exhibition at the Centenario Ferrari in Modena, Italy in 1998.

Our price: $1500.00 (Approx: €1350.00)
Ferrari Serigraph by Jay Koka “Checkered Horse” (koka07)
SKU: koka07
Signed Ltd. Ed n. 3/25

"Checkered Horse" is the first release in Jay Koka's "Studio Series" editions featuring the Ferrari F355. Released in late 1997, Checkered Horse is an 11-color serigraph (screenprint), about 24x45 inches overall on extra fine quality 280gr Coventry Smooth 100% rag paper.

Our price: $600.00 (Approx: €540.00)
Prancing Horse magazine 081 (ph081)
SKU: ph081
  • Technical Advisor: Questions and Answers by W.V. Badurski
  • Bad Vibes by John R. Freeman
  • F-1 Report by Roger Shimmel
  • New in Maranello: The Ferrari Pinin two-door Coupé by Sam Brown
  • Lancia's V8 Thema
  • Ferrari for the 90's Part Two by J. Kelly Payne
  • Ferrari Daytona Cutaway Drawing by Jay Koka
  • Works of Art - Bugatti 57C and Ferrari 275 GTB/4 by Dirk-Michel Conradt
  • Regional Events - Northeast Three Clubs get it together by Robert E. Michaud
  • Regional Events On the Trail in the Northwest Region by Bruce R. Patzmann
  • Regional Events Casual Concours Newport 1985 by Sandi Rosen
  • Regional Events - Northeast Autumn Rally by Ugo Valente
  • A Refresher of Ferrari Tech Inspection by Bob Zambelli

Our price: $15.00 (Approx: €13.50)
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