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Car Magazine 1989/02 (cm198902)
SKU: cm198902
Stories include:
  • Roaring Forty: Ferrari F40 first UK test drive
  • Supercars for a song: Replica Lamborghini Countach, Lancia Stratos and Porsche Spyder
  • Samurai Seven - The Nissan Saurus
$8.75 (Approx: €8.49)
Classic & Sportscar Magazine 1988/11 (csc0708)
SKU: csc0708
Stories include:
  • Ferrari or Maserati? Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 vs Maserati Merak SS
  • Lancia D23
  • Count Maggi, the man behind the Mille Miglia
  • Canadian Calamity: Bricklin
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Daily Express Motor Show Review, 1976 (zp113)
SKU: zp113
Highligting the automotive market of 1976.
$8.00 (Approx: €7.76)
Ferrarissima 1st series reprint 05 (fmr05)(dmg)
SKU: fmr05-dmg
Reader copy. Not a collectable: Damaged dust-jacket. No gadget. Book in good condition. Perfect for reading.
Issue Contents:
  • GTB/GTS Torbo
  • 36 Thema 8.32
  • 52 Mille Miglia 1986
  • 56 World Champion Ferrari: 500 F2
  • 64 Album 330 GT 2+2
  • 70 The solid gold bolt
  • 72 Ferrarine
  • 80 Gadget
  • 82 F1 1986
  • 100 Ferrari's 1986 press conference
  • The 342 America's register
$30.00 (Approx: €29.10)
Est mkt value: $50.00 , save 40%
Forza 076 (fz076)
SKU: fz076
Issue Contents::
  • Road Trips: 599 GTB Fiorano
  • Events: Grazie Michael
  • Market Report: The 250 GTs Part I
  • Formula 1: Future Tense
  • Powered by Ferrari: Theme Song - The Lancia Thema
  • People: Stirling Silver - Stirling Moss
  • Contemporaries: The Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
  • Design: Tailor Made
  • History: Survival of the Fittest - The 1965 Le Mans
$9.00 (Approx: €8.73)
Italdesign "Thirty years on the Road" Brochure (sx253)
SKU: sx253
Superb brochure and folder with additional enclosures. A roadmap of the firm's past, present, and future. Highlighting the road cars, the industrial vehicles and the concept vehicles developed over the years.
    Some of the iconic designs shown in this packet include:
  • DeLorean DMC-12
  • Lotus Esprit
  • Maserati Bora, Merak, and Quattroporte
  • Volkswagen Golf (Rabbitt) and others
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta
  • BMW M1
  • Lancia Delta
  • Bugatti EB 112 and ID 90 concept cars
  • Many more...
$25.00 (Approx: €24.25)
Lancia Delta 037, Delta S4, Delta 4WD - Profili Vol. 3 (zb302)
SKU: zb302
Photos, data, technical specifications and history of this legendary group of cars produced by Lancia in the Eighties. Rarely have so few cars won so many races in such short period of time. With these cars Lancia re-wrote the Rally Racing History of this decade.
$35.00 (Approx: €33.95)
Lancia Delta Brochure (German)(sx162)
SKU: sx162
Deluxe brochure for various trims of the Lancia Delta & Delta Integrale
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Lancia Stratos Pirelli by Burago 1:24 (burago-0166a)
SKU: burago-0166a
Rare vintage diecast model of the legendary Lancia Stratos. This is the racing version Pirelli World Rally Champions livery with opening doors and opening engine compartment. Box in good condition but may show age.
$80.00 (Approx: €77.60)
Lancia Stratos Rossignol by Burago 1:24 (burago-0108a)
SKU: burago-0108a
Rare vintage diecast model of the legendary Lancia Stratos. This is the racing version Rossignol livery with opening doors and opening engine compartment. Box in good condition but may show age.
$80.00 (Approx: €77.60)
Motor Sport Magazine 1970/11 (msm197911)
SKU: msm197011
Cover: Jacky Ickx leading at Canadian GP, Mont Tremblant
Stories include:
  • Ferrari take 1-2 at the Canadian GP
  • Lancia take 1-2 at Rally of Potugal
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1972/12 (msm197212)
SKU: msm197212
Cover: Ballestrieri on Lancia Fulvia
Stories include:
  • Lancia take 1-2 at Rally of Sanremo
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1987/03 (msm198703)
SKU: msm198703
Cover: Miki Biasion at Monte Carlo rally
Stories include:
  • Ferrari 328 GTB road test
  • Tom Pryce, ten years after
  • Biasion & Kankkunen take 1st & 2nd at Rally of Monte Carlo
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1988/03 (msm198803)
SKU: msm198803
Stories include:
  • Lancia Delta 4WD take 1st & 2nd at Monte Carlo Rally
  • Lancia Delta 4WD takes 1st at Swedeish Rally
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1988/08 (msm198808)
SKU: msm198808
Cover: Ayrton Senna on McLaren MP4/4
Stories include:
  • Lancia Delta HF Integrale road test
  • Senna & Prost take 1st & 2nd at US GP on McLaren
  • Prost & Senna take 1st & 2nd at French GP on McLaren
  • Senna takes 1st at British GP
  • Lancia Delta Integrale take 1st, 2nd & 3rd at Olympus Rally
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Motor Sport Magazine 1988/10 (msm198810)
SKU: msm198810
Cover: Gerhard Berger at Monza on Ferrari F1/87-88C
Stories include:
  • Tribute to Enzo Ferrari 1898-1988
  • Berger & Alboreto take 1st & 2nd at Monza F1 Italian GP
  • Sena & Prost take 1st & 2nd at the Belian GP on Mclaren MP4/4
  • Lancia takes 1st & 2nd at Thousand Lakes Rally
  • 1959 Corvette - Road test
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1988/12 (msm198812)
SKU: msm198812
Cover: Ayrton Senna on McLaren MP4/4
Stories include:
  • Ayrton Senna clinches F1 World Title by winning inJapanon McLaren MP4/4
  • Formula One - Engine design trends - Part one
  • Lancia take 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th at the Sanremo Rally
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo - Road test
  • BMW Z1 introduced
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Motor Sport Magazine 1989/05 (msm198905)
SKU: msm198905
Cover: Nigel Mansel on Ferrari F1/89
Stories include:
  • Nigel Mansel wins the F1 season opener in Brasil, on Ferrari F1/89
  • Biasion wins Safari rally on Lancia Delta Integrale
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Road & Track Magazine, 1984/10 (rt3602)
SKU: rt3602
Stories include:
  • 10 Terrific cars for $5,000 to $10,000
  • Lancia Rally road test
$9.00 (Approx: €8.73)
Supercar Classics Magazine 1989/07 (suc198907)
SKU: suc198907
Stories include:
  • Ferrari 250 LM : Road test
  • Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato
  • Vroom With a View - Ecurie Ecosse Historic Motor Tour, Scotland
  • More...
$24.00 (Approx: €23.28)