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Ferrari 250 GTO (zb270)
SKU: zb270
Never has a car suffered so little criticism and justified so much unfaltering praise. In short, this four wheeled sculpture is the pinnacle of postwar, traditional Italian automobile design.

Our price: $95.00 (Approx: €85.50)
Ferrari 308 & Mondial (zb120)
SKU: zb120
Never before have such well designed, both functionally and aesthetically, models hit the street. This book is filled with history, photograps and detailed specifications.

Our price: $27.50 (Approx: €24.75)
Ferrari 512 TR (zb033)
SKU: zb033
The Ferrari 512 is a member of one of the most illustrious sports car dynasties in history. This book is packed with color photographs and a detailed history of the model.

Our price: $25.00 (Approx: €22.50)
Ferrari Cabriolets & Spyders (zb125)
SKU: zb125
Ever since the sports car was invented it was intended not to have a "permanent" roof - one could erect a cloth hood should it rain, or for security, but open the car had to be. so it was in the beginning with Ferrari - still "the" sports car.

Our price: $30.00 (Approx: €27.00)
Ferrari F40 (zb354)
SKU: zb354
Having reached 201 mph around Fiorano, Ferrari's test track, the F40 will be remembered as the fastest production car of the 80s. Unveiled in 1987 to compete against the Porsche 959, the F40 has become the benchmark and the target for other manufacturers.

Our price: $20.00 (Approx: €18.00)
Ferrari Heritage (zb132)
SKU: zb132
Very nice book. Well illustrated with many color photos including many from the Bob Houghhton workshop and the Brocket Collection. As with all 2nd hand books, some minor shelf wear may be visible.

Our price: $29.00 (Approx: €26.10)
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