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Archivio Maserati (zb303)
SKU: zb303
Limited edition portfolio of only 1998. Produced by Maserati S.p.A in collaboration with Giorgio Nada Editore. This is number 1467 and is in brand new condition. Stunning compilation of Maserati history containing plans, technical drawings, assembly drawings, brochures, cutaways, sales catalogues, and more. Contributors to this opera include Giulio Alfieri, Ermanno Cozza, Carlo Maserati, Matteo Panini and others.

Our price: $850.00 (Approx: €765.00)
Crystal Daum Ferrari 250 GTO 1:14 (zg064)
SKU: zg064
Extremely rare crystal Ferrari GTO 1:14 scale by Daum of France. Quite little is known about these superb creations which were produced through the late 1980s. It is believed that no more than 5 or 6 hundred of this model were created and they very rarely become available on the collector market.

Our price: $3850.00 (Approx: €3465.00)
Ferrari 246 Dino GT 1:14 by Carlo Brianza (dc134)
SKU: dc134
Superb hand built model by Carlo Brianza of the Ferrari 246 Dino GT. This model was custom built for a US customer and therfore tha car is detailed in US specs. 1:14th scale higly detailed, mounted on base, with acrylic cover.

Our price: $2800.00 (Approx: €2520.00)
Ferrari 355 Spider Rodeo Drive 1995 Banner (zg074)
SKU: zg074
Rare! Official banner from the North American launch of the Ferrari F355 Spider. This event took place on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California, June 24, 1995. This is a very large plastified canvas banner, measuring 45 inches by 92 inches.

Our price: $650.00 (Approx: €585.00)
Ferrari 365 Daytona Spyder 1:14 by Carlo Brianza (dc133)
SKU: dc133
Superb hand built model by Carlo Brianza of the Ferrari 365 Daytona Spyder. 1:14th scale higly detailed, mounted on wood base, with acrylic cover.

Our price: $4500.00 (Approx: €4050.00)
Ferrari F50 Presentation Book - 1002/95 (zs129)
SKU: zs129
Extremely rare, limited edition Ferrari F50 Presentation Book / Prestige Sales Brochure.

108 page color catalog
Deluxe hardback catalog has glossy red covers, black spine and silver tone "Prancing Horse" emblem on the cover.
Forty-eight photographs, photo renderings and drawings, including two beautiful four page foldout photos, show exterior, interior, engine, chassis, mechanical parts and features of Ferrari F50 sport coupe.
Nine photos and three drawings show Ferrari F1 race car and predecessors driven by names such as Ascari, Fangio, Hawthorn, Hill, Surtees, Lauda and Scheckter
Includes discussion, specs and performance graphs
Comes with corrugated portfolio, with string tie.
This Limited Edition book was published for the 50th Anniversary of Ferrari to introduce the F50, "the first and last street legal Formula 1 car".

Our price: $700.00 (Approx: €630.00)
Ferrari GTO Watercolor - by Chuck Queener (zg039)
SKU: zg039
Ferrari GTO Watercolor by Chuck Queener - 26W X 16H - framed, matted - 17W X 7 1/2H

Our price: $395.00 (Approx: €355.50)
Ferrari Lithograph by Jay Koka “Seasons” (koka06)
SKU: koka06
Signed Ltd. Ed n. 3/25

"SEASONS" is the second release in the Studio Series with a release date of November 1,1998. A large format screenprint, it is printed on 280gr Coventry Smooth 100% rag paper and is based on the award winning painting "Seasons" by Jay Koka. It presents a uniquely personal, and fluidly impressionist look at the Ferrari P2/3. "Seasons", the original, was debuted at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in the summer of 1998 where it earned the Stanley Wanlass Award for Excellence in Design and Composition. The Seasons original painting was on loan by the owner for exhibition at the Centenario Ferrari in Modena, Italy in 1998.

Our price: $1500.00 (Approx: €1350.00)
Ferrari Serigraph by Jay Koka “Checkered Horse” (koka07)
SKU: koka07
Signed Ltd. Ed n. 3/25

"Checkered Horse" is the first release in Jay Koka's "Studio Series" editions featuring the Ferrari F355. Released in late 1997, Checkered Horse is an 11-color serigraph (screenprint), about 24x45 inches overall on extra fine quality 280gr Coventry Smooth 100% rag paper.

Our price: $600.00 (Approx: €540.00)
Schedoni Leather Wallet for Ferrari 360 and other models (sch001)
SKU: sch001
New in original box - Busta porta documenti in pelle - Leather document wallet by Schedoni for Ferrari. Used on the Ferrari F360 but may be used for any Ferrari model.

Our price: $695.00 (Approx: €625.50)
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