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Fantastic Ferraris (zb002)
SKU: zb002
Fantastic Ferraris is a unique book on Ferraris, as distinct from other Ferrari books as Ferrari is distinct from other cars. This book is the dream of author Antoine Prunet and photographer Peter Vann - a gallery of the most fantastic Ferraris ever assembled, unique cars among the distinct Ferrari marque, collected from around the world.

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Ferrari Album, 3 book set (zb141)
SKU: zb141
Superb 3 book set with in-depth articles on topics of special interest from racing to production cars, from people to places and events that made Ferrari history. Click image for content details...

Our price: $60.00 (Approx: €54.00)
Ferrari Homage to a Legend (zb221)
SKU: zb221
In 1998 the city of Maranello hosted an exhibition of the works of one hundred international artists, including painters, sculptors, designers, and photographers. A total of 100 pieces of Ferrari related artwork were displayed in celebration of the centennial of Enzo Ferrari's birth. All of these works were inspired by Enzo Ferrari, his creations, his genius, and the legend. The book contains 99 color illustrations and 19 black & white illustrations.

Our price: $50.00 (Approx: €45.00)
Ferrari World 08 (fw008)
SKU: fw008
  • Ferrari Watches
  • 512 BB Berlinetta Boxer
  • Profile: Nigel Mansel
  • L'Idea Ferrari
  • Marcello Mastroianni
  • Klemantaski Photographs

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Our price: $21.00 (Approx: €18.90) , save 30%
Ferrarissima 1st series original 15 (fmc15)
SKU: fmc15
Issue Contents:
  • 348tb by Zagato
  • An air conditioned wind-tunnel
  • 250 GT s/n 2443: 30 Years later
  • Roberto Vallone: Victories for a season
  • Mille Miglia 1991
  • Klemantaski & Ferrari
  • Click image for more details...

Our price: $45.00 (Approx: €40.50)
Prancing Horse magazine 145 (ph145)
SKU: ph145
  • Gauld Mine
  • Rumors, Lies and Innuendos
  • Ferraris in GT Racing
  • Regional Events
  • Happy 40th FCA
  • The Enzo Ferrari - An Extreme Sports Car
  • Le Fotografie Ferrari
  • Henry N. Manney III
  • Tech Note: Valve Shim Replacement

Our price: $13.00 (Approx: €11.70)
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