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Rare items such as early out-of-print issues of popular publications as well as rare books and other unique items.


Ferrari 500 Superfast Official Photo (pg014)
SKU: pg014
Official "Carrozzeria Pininfarina - Torino" photo of the Ferrari 500 Superfast. Black & White rare vintage photo.
$90.00 (Approx: €87.30)
Ferrari Lithograph by Jay Koka “Seasons” (koka06)
SKU: koka06
Signed Ltd. Ed n. 3/25

"SEASONS" is the second release in the Studio Series with a release date of November 1,1998. A large format screenprint, it is printed on 280gr Coventry Smooth 100% rag paper and is based on the award winning painting "Seasons" by Jay Koka. It presents a uniquely personal, and fluidly impressionist look at the Ferrari P2/3. "Seasons", the original, was debuted at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in the summer of 1998 where it earned the Stanley Wanlass Award for Excellence in Design and Composition. The Seasons original painting was on loan by the owner for exhibition at the Centenario Ferrari in Modena, Italy in 1998.
$1500.00 (Approx: €1455.00)
Forza 002 (fz002)
SKU: fz002
  • Road Classic: 250 Europa
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy
  • So, Can Schuey Do It
  • Race Classic: Lauda's Last
$145.00 (Approx: €140.65)
Luigi Chinetti memorial poster (zg004)
SKU: zg004
Featured the same image used on the cover of AutoWeek magazine, August 22, 1994, this Luigi Chinetti memorial poster is a limited edition item. Approximately 150 were produced. They were printed specifically for the memorial event and given to those in attendance. All the posters were individually autographed by... (click image for more)
$145.00 (Approx: €140.65)
Photo: Villeneuve, 1981 (pg008)
SKU: pg008
Photo: Villeneuve sitting on car, 1981 (color), 5.5"x8"
$190.00 (Approx: €184.30)
Photo: Villeneuve, 1981 (pg009)
SKU: pg009
Photo: Villeneuve sitting in car, 1981 (color), 5.5"x8"
$149.00 (Approx: €144.53)
Unknown Interior Photo (pg016)
SKU: pg016
Photo of unknown origin. Black & White rare vintage photo.
$10.00 (Approx: €9.70)